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DANCING ACROSS THE THRESHOLD – An exploration of death, dying and life through loving Companionship and Clowning – EMERSON COLLEGE, Forest Row, UK

An exploration of death, dying and life though loving Companionship and Clowning
with Annie Blampied-Radojcin and Vivian Gladwell


“And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.

And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”

The Prophet:
On Death, by Kahlil Gibran


Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone wishing to: 

  • accompany or offer companionship to those who are dying or who are beyond the threshold. 
  • explore the relationship between humour and our human condition.
  • find joy in all aspects of life
  • discover how clowns can touch on the sacred
  • move from a place of unknowing to a place of loving companionship and presence.
  • accept the messiness of life
  • open to the spiritual support available to us here and beyond the threshold.

Concerning Companionship
When we find ourselves in the presence of someone who is near to death, we may feel quite perplexed or even afraid, and unsure what to do. For the one who is dying, everything is stripped away, and only what is natural or authentic in being with them will be of support.  

In this course we will discover how we can move from a place of unknowing by trusting that whatever is going to happen is the right thing for us and the right thing for our loved one.   By opening to the awareness of our angel and the angels of our loved ones, we can experience the support that is ever available. Learning to listen, to trust the silence and our own heart’s knowing, we can be faithful witnesses to the courageous journey that each person has to take as they leave their body behind.  

We will also look at ways of realising how this companionship may continue beyond the threshold and what we can do through our loving thoughts and actions on earth to give wings to those making their way through the cosmos.

Concerning Clowning
Much like the eternal cycles of disastrous ends and rebirths in Tom and Jerry or in Fairy tales, clowns have constantly and endlessly died to be reborn again and again. Clowns are incorrigible optimists no matter what life throws at them. 

Like the Fool in the Tarot their naivety may also carry their wisdom. They are dreamers with their feet firmly grounded on this Earth. 

The clown’s vulnerability, willingness and courage to experience all aspects of life to the full is what we love about them. 

This course will be an invitation to give a voice to what is so often left unvoiced and to give a presence to what is often considered an absence. 

The course is limited to 12 people

Open to everyone regardless of experience

Facilitators: with Annie Blampied-Radojcin and Vivian Gladwell

Annie Blampied-Radojcin
Annie is the founder and course leader of Quietude® ~ a training in spiritual and emotional care for those on the journey of death and dying.  With over seven years experience in chaplaincy, she volunteered in an ICU for premature babies, and later a nursing home, and was then employed as a hospice chaplain. Annie trained in soul midwifery with Felicity Warner and is a graduate of Authentic Presence, a contemplative end-of-life approach inspired by Buddhism. 

Annie worked for over twenty years in Steiner Waldorf education, as a teacher, teacher trainer, and consultant before becoming a One Spirit Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor. She was ordained in 2004, and enjoys conducting ceremonies including weddings, baby namings, and funerals.   She has given many workshops, inspired by A Course in Miracles, on forgiveness as a pathway to peace. 

Annie’s  first experience of working with those who have died, was in her 20’s when she was part of a group offering spiritual healing for those across the Threshold. She was a member of the Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community in the north of Scotland, where she deepened her attunement with nature spirits as well as landscape angels.  As a Steiner Waldorf teacher she worked consciously with the Angels of the children in her care.   A long term student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, Annie recognizes the urgent need for us to awaken to the continuity of consciousness beyond the gates of death, and the possibility of giving and receiving support and love, to and from those across the Threshold.

Vivian Gladwell

Vivian began teaching in 1988 as part of the Lifeways Festival at Emerson College – UK. He trained as a facilitator with the Bataclown in 1990 and joined their team in 1991 also working as a modern day Court Jester (Clownanalyst).

He created Nose to Nose UK in 1990, Nose to Nose of North America in 2006 and Fool View, the Social Clowning group and has trained facilitators in the UK, the USA, Germany and Italy – view history.

He continues his role as ambassador for the work by researching the applications of clowning in the context of teacher training, medicine, conflict management, ecology and intercultural work in many countries (South Africa, USA, Senegal, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Norway…)

He holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity.

Course fee: £510 – Tuition only

Deposit – £180

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Date and times:
The course begins Sunday – 18h15 (with supper)
Ends Friday – after lunch – 14h30

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex

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