with Angie Wakeman

A weekend Course for those wanting to play and paint!

This is a weekend course for beginners to experience clowning and painting combined.  Starting from learning a clown’s approach to life, which is one of innocence and play, we will discover more and more about our unique clown within.

Clowns will carry this into painting and drawing from their inner feeling of joy and optimism, giving new birth to creative possibilities.

Rather than painting from any idea, we’ll paint from a feeling, with no agenda in mind. In this creative space of allowing, without imposing any judgements, surprises come.

Whatever the outer picture these combined art forms take, the emphasis will be in celebrating all our creative expressions as marvelous!

We will be drawing letters to our love… whoever or whatever that might be… and doing portraits in the most freeing of ways, just to get us started. Let’s discover together what our clowns’ playful innocence can do with paper and paint!

Course Fee: £180

Deposit: £80



Angie WakemanAngie Wakeman

Angie is a former Nurse and Steiner Teacher. Her 3 adopted children paved her way to finding clowning, where she discovered her own need for playfulness and freedom.
Having trained as a clown facilitator with Nose to Nose, she went on to facilitate Clowning workshops for medical students at the University of East Anglia for a number of years. She is particularly interested in working with health care professionals, and more recently social workers- indeed anyone who has a role in caring for others.
Her interest in clowning is only really to do with love; which in essence she sees as the freedom to be ourselves, which turns out to be funny and beautiful, or not at all funny, but  still beautiful.

Course fee: £180 – Tuition only

Deposit: £80


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Date and times:
The course begins Friday – 18h15 (with supper)
Ends Sunday – after lunch – 14h00

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex

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