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Communication, Conflict and Clowning

This training module will start with a one-day introduction to clowning on 10 January 2015 in Potsdam.

On the first day of the study trip to Toulouse we will be given background information on how vocational education and training is done in Toulouse and France. Furthermore an overview of the care and guidance system in the city will be given by our hosts.
PicsArt_1420398955394The clowning seminar (day 2 to 5 in English Language, however French and German are also spoken by the tutors) will be held by Nose To Nose Clowning.

Clowning is an exploration of possibilities and relationships. Through the qualities that clowning teaches us, we attempt to transform the way we look at ourselves, at problems and how we communicate with one another.

Clowning will give you the opportunity to practice:

  1. empathy and listening with the heart
  2. working with heart
  3. authenticity
  4. letting go of our pre-conceptions about the world
  5. confronting our stories with reality
  6. dialogue
  7. being aware of and changing the power games we subject others to and/or are subjected to
  8. looking at others and the world in different ways, emotional clarity and literacy

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As a person working in the context of vocational education and training you will receive EU funding to cover part of the costs of this study trip. Your own contribution to the costs will amount to 150 €.

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