Here are some of the more significant steps and events that have contributed to the development of Nose to Nose as a team. Our commitment to nurturing a spirit of learning and research around play, humour and clowning has enabled us to bring the social and personal insights of this work into new areas and disciplines such as teaching, personal development, ecology, conflict resolution and social action.

In 2006, this commitment continues with the start of a two-year facilitator's training and with the publication of articles and interviews that aim to inspire, and ground our learning firmly in practice.


Lifeways at Emerson College each summer.

Ongoing series of weekend courses in London and Forest Row building the work.


Start of the first facilitator training course (two-year training course)



Clown and Voice with
David Goldsworthy of the Roy Hart

Anglo-French workshop with
Bertil Sylvander of the Bataclown

Three-week summer course in USA
at the Rudolf Steiner Institute


Nose to Nose becomes a team of 5 facilitators

Social Clowning - a year's course and the creation of Fool View! with Vivian Gladwell and Sharon Usher

Clown and Storytelling
with Ashley Ramsden


BBC 2 reports on Nose to Nose for
the Heaven and Earth show

Nose to Nose returns to the US


First Towards performance course - the beginning of a performance group

Serious Clowning series of three weekends starts in Maidstone


More Serious Clowning weekends in Maidstone

Clown and Biography weekend with Margli Mathews

Clown and Shakespeare with Robert McNeer - working on Midsummer Night's Dream

South Italy - Anglo-Italian course with Robert McNeer at La Luna nel Pozzo

Second Anglo-French course with Bertil Sylvander

Devising course with Vivian Gladwell and Paul MacDonald


Third year of Serious Clowning in Maidstone

Second Clown and Voice with David Goldsworthy of the Roy Hart

South Italy in June - Anglo-Italian course with Robert McNeer at La Luna nel Pozzo

Clown and storytelling with David Campbell


Exploring conflict through clowning with Michael Jacobs

Deep Ecology and clowning with Chris Seeley

Another film about Nose to Nose

Clown and Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden

Working with Organisational consultants

Start of a Nose to Nose Performance group in London

Start of second UK Facilitator training (2-year course)


Clown and Conflict management with Michael Jacobs MCFM

Clown and Special Needs with Paul MacDonald - Nutley - East Sussex

Clown and Voice with the Roy Hart theatre

Clown and Poetry with Paul Mathews

Start of the North America facilitator training (2-year course)





Clown and Mask with Mike Chase

Intercultural Italy

Clown and Spontaneous storytelling with Alexander McKenzie


Intercultural - Italy

Enviromental art and clowning with Axel Ewald - Israel

Teacher training and clown - Sacramento - USA

Social Clowning - Vermont USA

Clown and Voice - Italy

Clown and Mask - Emerson College - UK

Social Clowning - UK

Social Clowning - Italy

Towards Performance - UK


Intercultural - Italy

Clown and Non-Violent Communication with Catherine Tihon - Paris

Working with GP - Greenwich

Clown, community and Constellation with Judith Hemming

Clown 1 - New York - USA


South Africa - 3 week clown and storytelling with Norman Skillen

Clown intro - Findhorn - Scotland

Clown intro - Taiwan

Conference on Autism - Vietnam

Intercultural clowning - Spain

Intercultural clowning - India

Teacher training - Malaysia

Clown intro - Thailand

Intro weekends - Norway


Intercultural week - Senegal

Start of the third UK Facilitator training (2-year course)

Clown 1 - Santa Fe - USA

Social Clowning - Philadelphia - USA

Series of weekends - Norway


Intercultural course in Senegal

Working with Pig Iron theatre - Philadelphia - USA

Clown summer clown in T-Werk - Potsdam - Germany

Clown intro - Totnes

Clown intro - Bristol


Intercultural course in Senegal