As facilitators, we believe we stay true to the spirit of clowning when we flow with the creative process of each person, when we nurture its emotional expression and the emergence of the imagination and when we facilitate and free actors to find their own clown, unique and grounded in their relationship to the audience.

It is our belief that by focusing on the individual we are, in fact, going straight to the heart of clowning which is the search for authenticity both in the social or personal dimensions of our lives.

The approach to clowning we have developed over the years has important echoes both in the fields of personal growth with our Clown Within workshops -  and in the fields of social mediation with our Court Jester Group. In our workshops we have people from a wide range of professional and social backgrounds, of all ages, with or without previous experience of the theatre.

Many continue working with us because they find the freedom and playfulness of the work becomes vital for them.

What happens in a workshop

We work in a group of no more than 12 people. We start warming up with games, vocal and physical exercises. We then proceed with improvisations on a stage (alone or with others). Each improvisation is discussed to identify and bring out the positive and important aspects of our clown (and how it lives in us).

This is done with care and respect for each individual and within a framework of rules that ensures a secure and protective environment.

The Clown Within

The clown’s nose, the smallest mask in the world, is the mask that unmasks. Through the clown we can rediscover inner qualities of openness, spontaneity and play. The clown allows our imagination to soar, whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Working with warm-ups, games and on the empty stage, we will find our inner clowns through improvisation, play and welcoming everything that emerges.