A conversation with Rob Leiper around psychotherapy and clowning.

Rob Leiper is a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. He is a Visiting Reader at Canterbury Christ Church University College, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Kent Institute of Medicine and Sciences and until recently Head of Psychotherapy Services at the Invicta Trust. 2400 words


"I have been trained in the psychoanalytic frame where there is an emphasis on distance and on letting things unfold and not contaminating what the other person is putting in. But there is a movement both in psychodynamic theory and in my practice over the years, to get back in there, to be more spontaneous and interact more.."

"... humour has a significant place in therapy and change. What you learn, almost more than anything else when you go through an in-depth psychotherapy, is the capacity to be playful. You learn to be playful in areas of your life in which there was no lightness. Psychotherapy loosens that up and gives some distance so you are not completely identified with something and you can start to play with it. This is the quality I have appreciated in clowning"


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