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CLOWN 1 – The Courage To Be-gin

CLOWN 1 – The Courage To Be-gin
Sunday 03 October 2021
Inizio 10:00 il primo giorno - fine 17:00 l'ultimo giorno

Conducted by Christine Macri and Tita Ruggeri (in English)

This workshop is designed for those of you who have participated in on-line courses

and those of you who simply wish to get back into clowning in  presence

The purpose is to give each and every person

the possibility to emerge and explore as their

own unique clown in a shared environment being

able to ground with partner clowns, the

environment and an audience of fellow clowns.

Through activities centred on transformation,

imagination and creativity along with the spirit of “yes and” participants 

will continue to explore their own authenticity and find out more about their clown within.


Data del corso: domenica 3 ottobre 2021, ore 10:00 – 17:00

Iscrizione: €75.00

Per informazioni e iscrizioni: chris60mc@gmail.com


Circolo Sportivo Ricreativo Lama di Reno

Via Caduti del 27/11/43 n°16

Lama di Reno, Marzabotto

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