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Created in 1990, Nose to Nose brings together our diverse experiences in the fields of theatre, community building, teaching, storytelling, play therapy, counselling, Special Needs and organisational consultancy. Our influence and training ranges from The Bataclown (France) and  the Sacred Art of Clowning to Jonathan Kay’s Theatre of Now and the Roy Hart Theatre.

To watch a movie about our work:

Nose to Nose movie

Through the clown we can rediscover inner qualities of openness, spontaneity and play. The clown allows our imagination to soar, whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Working with warm-ups, games and on the empty stage, we will find our inner clowns through improvisation, play and welcoming everything that emerges.

What happens in a workshop

We work in a group of no more than 12 people. We start warming up with games, vocal and physical exercises. We then proceed with improvisations on a stage (alone or with others). Each improvisation is discussed to identify and bring out the positive and important aspects of our clown (and how it lives in us).

This is done with care and respect for each individual and within a framework of rules that ensures a secure and protective environment.

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