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Friday 23 March - Tuesday 27 March 2018
Starts 15:00 on first day - Finishes 18:00 on last day

lookingThe word ‘courage’ comes from a root that means ‘heart’. Through clowning and connecting to our playful spirit we can develop and sustain, in ourselves and each other, the heart to be who we truly are, to trust life and ourselves. ‘Taking heart’ is a profoundly inward process, and an invitation to overcome the fears that block us from being fully present in the here and now.
The full course establishes the ground for all our work and is an essential first step before going on to more advanced courses.

The group size is limited to 12.                  

Date and times: First day starts at 15:00 – 18:00
Last day finishes at 13:30
Other days 10:00 to 18:00

Tea and coffee will be provided in the breaks.

Course fee/Kursgebühr: € 375

Language/Kurssprache: English/German

Registration/Anmeldung: €120 mit Karte oder Paypal. Die Anzahl der möglichen Plätze wird angezeigt. Questions/Gerne beantworten wir weitere Fragen: cath@nosetonose.info

A deposit of €120 is required to hold your place – This deposit is REFUNDABLE more than 6 weeks before the start of the course or if the course is cancelled.


Facilitators: Vivian Gladwell and Catherine Bryden

Vivian close 2Vivian Gladwell

Vivian is the founder and director of Nose to Nose and has given hundreds of workshops around the world. He lives both in the UK and France where he started clowning in 1978. He speaks French and English fluently.

Vivian began teaching in 1988 as part of the Lifeways Festival at Emerson College – UK. He trained as a facilitator with theBataclown in 1990 and joined their team in 1991 also working as a modern day Court Jester (Clownanalyst).

He created Nose to Nose UK in 1990, Nose to Nose of North America in 2006 and Fool View, the Social Clowning group and has trained facilitators in the UK, the USA, Germany and Italy – view history.
He continues his role as ambassador for the work by researching the applications of clowning in the context of teacher training, medicine, conflict management, ecology and intercultural work in many countries (South Africa, USA, Senegal, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Norway…)

He holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity.

Catherine Bryden

Bryden_4Catherine (Montreal, Canada) discovered the magical mysterious world of theater clowning in Germany in 2001. This approach to life and living nurtures her deep love and fascination of people, play, relationships, community and above all, the stunning beauty of imperfection. She’s been submerged in teaching, communication and creative processes for over three fun filled decades on three continents: North America, Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China) and Europe. Catherine brings loving audacity and gentle chaos to workshops and the stage, in English, French and German.

Catherine Bryden (Montréal, Kanada) entdeckte die geheimnisvolle magische Welt des Theaters Clowns von Nose to Nose  in Deutschland in 2001. Des Clowns Wachsamkeit nährt ihre tiefe Neugier und Faszination für Menschen, Beziehungen und Gemeinschaften. Vorher tauchte Sie für über drei Jahrzehnten auf drei Kontinenten: Nord Amerika, Asien (Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapur und China) und Europa tief in die Kommunikation und die kreativen Prozesse in Gruppenarbeit ein. Catherine bringt liebevolle Frechheit, Keckheit und sanftes Chaos in Workshops und auf die Bühne, auf Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch.



Q: Can I talk to someone? A: If this is the first time you have worked with Nose to Nose, you might like to write or talk to us. Just send an email with your phone number to cath@nosetonose.info and we’ll call you as soon as possible.

Q: Are there still spaces available on the course? A: To find out just click on the payment link above and you will see the  number of places available. It will not be possible for you to book if there are no spaces available.

Q: Can you put me on the waiting list? A: Sure, just write to cath@nosetonose.info to ask. We will put you on our waiting list and let you know when a place becomes available.

You will be emailed further details

Location: Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik
Haußmannstr. 44a, 70188 Stuttgart

Accommodation: wide range of accommodation within walking distance of the venue http://www.freie-hochschule-stuttgart.de/studium/wohnen-und-leben/uebernachtungsmoeglichkeiten-in-stuttgart-ost/

If you don’t find something suitable, write to Cath – cath@nosetonose.info for more options.

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Freie Hochschule Stuttgart
Freie Hochschule Stuttgart - Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Haußmannstraße 44, 70188 Stuttgart